Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the TCPI?

A. TCPI stands for Truckload Contract Price Index. It is the current market rate per mile for a particular lane. We derive the TCPI from the billed records of carriers located all over the U.S. and Canada.

Q. What do the different columns on the load board mean?

VANS: Vans equipment type.
REFR: Refridgerated van equipment type.
FLTS: Flatbed equipment type.
TRL: Trailer type(s).
oMTY: Deadhead miles from truck location to the load origin (coming soon).
LDED: Loaded miles.
dMTY: Deadhead miles from destination to the truck's final location (coming soon).
TCPI: Truckload Contract Price Index (market rate for the lane).
FSUR: Fuel surcharge.
ALLIN: All in rate for the load (TCPI x loaded miles).
FLOOR: ALLIN - 15% for the broker charge (including fuel surcharge).
QNTY: Load count on lane (by broker).
QUOTE: Broker offer.

Q. What is a pod?

A. A pod represents a geographical area. Each pod name starts with the state or province abbreviation followed by a 3 digit city area abbreviation. For example, the AL-BIR pod corresponds to the Birmingham, Alabama area.